Running an art blog or art related website?

If you run, contribute to or own an art related website and want too get £25 worth of iTunes vouchers, then here is an opportunity for you. If you post an article on your art related website and relevantly link to our art blog we will give you the voucher code and also reciprocate the link to our website with a relevant link to your website.

Firstly, your work on your website must be centered around art. Secondly, you must make you post or article relevant and include a link to this website. Thirdly, in order to qualify for the voucher you must achieve a minimum of 12,000 clicks through your link to our blog. Finally, in return for the clicks to our blog you will be compensated with the iTunes voucher and also a link to your art based website on our homepage in the sidebar for two weeks. The reciprocating link will only be put up once you achieve 2,000 clicks through your link and will last for a period of two weeks whether you qualify for a voucher or not. You must not click the link yourself again and again, repeatedly or have others do so, you will invalidate and void your right to the iTunes voucher. If you achieve 25,000 clicks from your readership, we will offer you £50 worth of iTunes vouchers. You must reach either figure within the space of 5 weeks from the day your link initially goes online to 5 weeks from then. If you succeed we will arrange your prize. © All rights reserved. Part of Mumble Media. Powered by Blogger.