iCloud - Share large files without email or using file locker sites

It appears that there is a hidden or not widely known about feature in Apple's iCloud. Following on from the iDisk and MobileMe services, iCloud did not seem to posses the ability for its user base to share large documents or files. However a feature of apps such as AudioMemos 2 and other notable apps seems to indicate that a url method of large file sharing might be rolled out across iCloud in the near future. When a file is to large to share via email on AudioMemos 2 you are still able to send the email, however in place of a file attachment you now have an iCloud link which gives the receiver up to a week to download the file from the attached URL. For this app files can be anything from 15.1mb to over 100mb and be shared via a download link.

It must be noted that there does not yet appear to be any consistency across the platform at the moment, with some apps offering the feature to send large files via a URL and others still not having implemented this feature as of yet.

Update: Another app GoodReader, for iPhone and iPad appears to offer these features as well. The benefit is that GoodReader can handle most file types. To send a large file, move the file from your other apps, or via iTunes to the GoodReader app; then place the desired file in the app's iCloud download folder and leave it to upload. Once the file has uploaded to your iCloud account, select the file from within the app's iCloud folder and proceed to click send as email. Within the mail window that opens you should now see a download link to your file in iCloud; rather than seeing your file as an email attachment.

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