A term that is often ascribed to works of art where the artist is unknown, specifically in an Italian context.
The grounding, primer, applied to canvas or panel to aid in the adhesion of the paint when it is applied.
Is a preliminary sketch, used to aid the creation of the composition of a larger painting. This smaller version of a larger, yet to be finished, painting would be presented to prospective patrons to see if they were content with the final arrangement of the painting's composition.
An imitation of an original art work, or collection of art works, which combines a number of motifs taken from other works of art. In order to rein-visage, from the combination of these elements, what on the surface appears to be an entirely original work of art.
The canon can be seen as a body of work, which has been established as representative of the best examples of a particular genre. The works of art that are included in the canon are considered to be masterpieces. The works included in the canon set a standard from which other works of art, whether new or old, which are not included in the canon can be judged.
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