Catholic Reformation 1495 to 1610 – Timeline

Catholic Reformation 1495 to 1610 – Timeline

Note – All prior Papal reform had been haphazard, localised and lead by individuals. Thus no clear direction or authority.

1495 to 1518 – Key individual Ximenez de Cisneros reforms monastic orders, as a result of corruption and the formation of lay brethren.

1497 – The Oratory of Divine Love was established.

1500 – The First Franciscan monk mission is sent to the Caribbean.

1512 to 1517 – First Lateran Council.

1515 to 1534 – Cardinal Briconnet reforms his own diocese of Meaux.

1517 – Luther makes public his 95 Theses.

1524 – Theatine Order are established in Rome.

1527 – The sack of Rome occurred.

1528 – Capuchins order begins. At the same time Cardinal Giberti started to reform the diocese of Verona.

1534 to 1549 – The pontificate of Paul III.

1535 – The Ursuline order start their work.

1537 – The ‘Consilium de Emendanda Ecclesia’ a report into the condition of the Catholic Church is commissioned by Pope Paul III.

1540 – Society of Jesus (The Jesuit order) were given papal approval and recognition.

1542 – Saw the creation of the Roman Inquisition and the establishment of the Index, in addition to the death of Cardinal Contarini. (Read more after Break)
1545 to 1547 – First session of the Council of Trent.

1548 – Ignatius of Loyola publishes his Spiritual Exercises.

1549 – Jesuits spread their activities to Japan.

1549 to 9157 – Canisius takes control of the Jesuits efforts in Europe.

1551 to 1552 – Marked the occasion of the Second session of the Council of Trent.

1555 to 1559 – Saw Paul IV as Pontiff.

1556 to 1598 – The reign of Philip II of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire.

1562 – Teresa of Avila along with John of Cross establishes another religious order called the order of Discalced Carmelites.

1562 to 1563 – Saw the Third session of the Council of Trent.

1564 – Marked the publication of the Tridentine Decrees with the establishment of a clear codified set of catholic doctrine and dogma.

1566 to 1572 – Pius V becomes Pope.

1555 – Saw the revolt of the Netherlands away from the catholic church, lasted until 1609.

1570 – Introduction of a reformed Roman Missal.

1572 to 1585 – Pope Gregory XIII

1585 to 1590 – Pope Sixtus V ( He continues the reforming agenda of the Catholic Church).

1588 – The reorganisation of the Curia (Papal administrative services- turned into departments).

1595 – The Jesuit order is expelled from France. © All rights reserved. Part of Mumble Media. Powered by Blogger.