Back with a vengeance or out with a whimper - the iPad 3

Apple has recently announced its new reincarnation of the iPad 3, along with a suite on new apps. Most notably Apple has released an iPhoto app. The iPad 3, or iPad HD, is only the slightest bit bigger than its predecessor and yet Apple's new creation packs a punch in the hardware department. The device has a new lithium-ion polymer battery, which is capable of lasting for 10 hours. In addition, Apple has included its new A5X chip which features a dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics. The screen resolution on the iPad 3 is capable of achieving 4 times the resolution of Apple's previous iteration of the iPad, with its newly enhanced retina display.  Finally the the mobile version of the iPad is bundled with a 4G connection, which is capable of achieving 5 times the data processing speeds of a 3g connection.

Final fact, the iPad 3's display has a far superior resolution to most HD televisions. Worth noting. © All rights reserved. Part of Mumble Media. Powered by Blogger.