Saturday, 10 March 2012

Envelope - Monet's concept

Envelope (french), when applied to painting - particularly the work of Claude Monet - refers to how light and atmosphere surround and are distributed evenly over the composition. It must be noted that objects are not restricted and constrained by the light, rather the light <Read More Below>

Friday, 9 March 2012

Preserving Modesty in Renaissance Art

Art during the Renaissance period was intended to reflect the culture and beliefs of the time, through a classical guise. The art that was produced often carried with it a moralising message, predominantly directed toward the women of the time - telling them that they must remain chaste, virginal and pure; not falling fowl of the sins of the body.

Sandro Botticelli - The Birth of Venus
What message do you believe the painting above is trying to impress upon the viewer?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The meaning of All'antica art and architecture

The meaning of the term all'antica when applied to art and architecture, is that which 'imitates the style of the ancients. At the time, the Renaissance style of art and architecture was viewed by contemporaries in terms of the "all'antica," or that which was produced in an ancient manner; namely in the style of the Romans. All'antica can be seen as art and architecture which was produced in the Renaissance period, taking its influence from the art of classical antiquity and in the process imitating it, as ancient works of art were viewed as the ideal.

Summary: All'antica - in the manner and style of the ancients.
all'antica - in the mode of the ancients

Back with a vengeance or out with a whimper - the iPad 3

Apple has recently announced its new reincarnation of the iPad 3, along with a suite on new apps. Most notably Apple has released an iPhoto app. The iPad 3, or iPad HD, is only the slightest bit bigger than its predecessor and yet Apple's new creation packs a punch in the hardware department. The device has a new lithium-ion polymer battery, which is capable of lasting for 10 hours. In addition, Apple has included its new A5X chip which features a dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics. The screen resolution on the iPad 3 is capable of achieving 4 times the resolution of Apple's previous iteration of the iPad, with its newly enhanced retina display.  Finally the the mobile version of the iPad is bundled with a 4G connection, which is capable of achieving 5 times the data processing speeds of a 3g connection.

Final fact, the iPad 3's display has a far superior resolution to most HD televisions. Worth noting.

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