Free link exchange.

OK, you have followed the ad. If you choose to link to our website from your website. We in turn will link back to your website. Thereby creating a link exchange which will improve both websites rankings on google. This will not only improve the search rank of your website, but also ours. We must stress that your website has to have content, be updated on a regular basis and provide good quality matterial. With no inflammatory or illegal content.

If this is the case and you link to us, once we start seeing your website link in our site stats we will take a look at your site, establish where you put your link to our site and we will reciprocate accordingly. It may take up to 2 weeks for us to notice the link and return the link.

Alternatively you can email us the location of your link to our site, please outline where you have placed it and what your website is about, so we can consider whether your website meets our criteria and whether we will link back to your. >Contact Us<

Also if you run an art related website we will promote your link along with 5 other links to art related websites in a prime position, on our home page sidebar.

Please refer to our website in your links as

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