Friday, 3 February 2012

Plasticity - Art Definition

Is a quality in a work of art where elements of the painting appear to

Primitive Art

Primitive art involves artworks which art naive, simplistic, 


Bottega is Italian for shop. A Bottega is the workshop of an artist and his pupils; in the workshop both the assistants and pupils would work on artworks commissioned from the master. As although


Is a open studio, which allows anyone to participate for a fee. The 

What was the Impressionist movement?

Impressionism is the term given to the single most important art movement of the 19th century. The basic aim of Impressionism was to realise a greater level of naturalism on canvas, through the precise use of colour and tone, with a strong emphasis on tonal effects. Along with the rendering of light on the surfaces of objects within the painting and the effects that the play of light had on the overall composition. The key to the movement was light and colour.

What is the meaning of Realism - The Realist approach to painting in 19th century France

Realism is the accurate depiction of both contemporary life and nature. Realism was first established by an art collective who came to prominence during their series of independent exhibitions from 1850s to the 1880s. The French painter Gustave Courbet was the key figure in the the Realist movement, and in some respects he led the movement.

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